Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, has partnered with the National Council for Better Hearing (NCBH) to launch, a new online resource to provide people with hearing loss, and those that love them, with all of the resources they need to attack hearing loss head-on. From finding the right style and understanding the causes of hearing loss to finding a hearing professional, helps people navigate their hearing journeys.

“I am excited to be leading the National Council for Better Hearing as we launch a new site to help consumers gather as much information as possible about their hearing health,” said Barry Freeman, PhD, chairman of the NCBH board. “Our goal is to provide educational and professional resources that empower individuals to better understand and deal with hearing loss, from causes and complications to treatments.” provides a number of engagement options including creating a Hearing Journal to help identify which situations are most difficult to hear in and the Hearing Journey Kit, which allows people to save information from the site that is most relevant to their needs. The site also connects individuals with hearing professionals to provide assessments and find the right solution for a particular hearing loss.

The site is segmented into four sections: Understanding Your Hearing Loss, Things to Consider, Your Options, and Care & Support. Each of the sections includes valuable information about hearing loss and finding a professional.

The NCBH was developed to be a resource to help consumers become self-informed on the prevention, management, and treatment of hearing loss. The organization’s mission is to provide the public with educational and professional resources so they can live better and have healthy hearing.

The NCBH’s board of directors is comprised of leading hearing health educators and providers, who are dedicated to bringing broader access to and understanding of current hearing care options. Board members include Freeman, Sherri Smith, PhD, Ian Windmill, PhD, Paul Pessis, AuD, Earl Harford, PhD, and Peter Marincovich, PhD. Visit for more information.

[Source: Starkey]