The third Virtual Phonak Audiology Conference will take place on May 12 to 13, as follows:

May 12: Frequency Compression—what we have learned so far.    
May 13: Future developments in audiology and amplification.   

The conference is free and no registration is required. For more information, visit the Web site:

The meetings can be accessed by clicking onto the names of the presenters. Programs for different time zones are available for download.

Key topics overview:
– Frequency Compression: Research and clinical data and case studies will be
presented. Key presenters will be Prof Hugh McDermott, Prof Susan Scollie, Andrea Bohnert,
Dr Josephine Marriage, Dr Joshua Alexander, Dr Myriel Nyffeler, and Dr Michael Boretzki.

– Future developments in audiology and amplification: A mix of topics such as relationship-centered counseling, brain plasticity in children, correct interpretation of ABR threshold tests, hearing loss prevention, interventions for musicians, factors affecting speech intelligibility of hearing-impaired listeners, the audiologist, the patient, and the technology: working together for better communication and more will be presented by internationally respected speakers such as Dr Anu Sharma, Dr Teresa Ching, Prof Kathy Pichora Fuller, Dr Kris English, Dr Edilene Boechat, Dr Katia de Almeida, Karen Mattock, Dr Dave Fabry, Dr Guy Lightfoot, Dr Brian Fligor, Dr Michael Valente and Dr Lorraine Gailey.

[Source: Phonak]