Megan Jendrick

Olympic gold medalist Megan Jendrick, who has earned 27 American swimming records and a world record, is endorsing the new AfterSwim and Swim-Fit products from Health Enterprises Inc, North Attleboro, Mass.

AfterSwim uses a sponge technology to remove trapped water from ears in seconds, unlike drops and special earplugs that can take up to 10 minutes, according to the company. “I love AfterSwim!" said Jendrick. "In the past I used ear drops, which were inconvenient and took a long time. AfterSwim is by far the better solution.”

Swim-Fit is a reusable custom molded earplug that forms to the contour of the ear within 10 minutes to seal out water. “It’s amazing how quickly you can have a perfect-fit earplug with Swim-Fit," Jendrick said. "I always assumed you had to go to a doctor in order to get one made, but for swimmers, it is great to have a comfortable, effective, reusable earplug available at your corner drug store.”

Jendrick uses AfterSwim and Swim-Fit as a regular part of her training regimen for the London 2012 Summer Olympics and her participation in the Swim Champions Fitter & Faster Tour that promotes swimming to children across the country. She is more than just an elite athlete, notes the company–Jendrick is committed to promoting proper health as the author of Get Wet, Get Fit, a swimmer’s guide to health and wellness.

“I do swim events for young swimmers and their families all across the country," Jendrick said. "I stand behind Health Enterprises innovative products when talking to parents to promote ear health, which is particularly important to swimmers.”

Brendan Leonard, president of Health Enterprises, said that, "as a role model for children of all ages, her dedication and passion will inspire many to achieve their dreams.”

The company manufactures branded and private label OTC consumer health care products sold in retail locations worldwide. 

[Source: Health Enterprises]