Silverman We all know that proper attention to diet and physical activity is imperative to maintaining health and keeping our bodies functioning well, but what about our hearing health? Hearing loss changes the way we enjoy the everyday sounds of life and can alter the way we experience the world around us—from basic conversation to listening to a favorite musician. Until recently, there has been little information on hearing health care available to a nation of Americans — of whom, 28 million experience some form of hearing loss.

Such organizations as the American Academy of Audiology and the Academy of Dispensing Audiologists increase public awareness through targeted educational efforts. Recently, a growing number of hearing industry professionals (including audiologists, dispensers, and manufacturers) united efforts to reach out and educate the lay community about the issues surrounding hearing loss — its treatment and prevention. These companies and individuals also boost public awareness by putting a positive spin on hearing health care options, such as available hearing instruments, assistive listening devices, and hearing protection. Through print and televised media, awareness campaigns, and public outreach at concerts and sporting events (offering earplugs and hearing protection literature), the word is getting out.

Hearing health care professionals would be wise to join this campaign, not just for its educational merits, but for the financial benefits. As legions of aging Baby Boomers are expecting to live longer than the average life span, they will also expect to remain active and communicative for much longer than previous generations. These people will want improved, accessible technologies, straight information, and options, options, options–leading to a win-win situation across the board.

In the meantime, the staff of Hearing Products Report wishes a joyous and peaceful holiday season to all our readers. We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming year.

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