Month: July 2007

Special “How To” Section

• Optimize Usage of• Individually Personalize a Fitting with Bernafon KOS micro• Increase Your Sales by an Average of 24%• Treat Your Patients’ Needs Holistically• Troubleshoot Hearing Aids• Expand the Range of Fittings with Open-Fit Hearing Instruments• Access Important Hearing-Related Information and Breaking News on the Internet• Ask the Three Questions that Will Immediately Increase Your Sales• Make the Most of a Counseling Tool• Connect Your Patients to “Far World” Sounds• Amplify Your Business with Audéo• Use Batteries to Benchmark Your Practice• Perform Integrated Real Ear Measurement in 5 Easy Steps• Conduct ABR Without Sedation• Improve User Satisfaction with Custom Earpieces for Slim-Tube BTE Fittings

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