Month: March 2006

What Outsiders Tell Us About the Hearing Industry

By continuing to develop advanced technology, promoting advances to those outside our industry, supporting evidence-based practice and data-driven development—and acknowledging the success that we are achieving in our industry—we will be poised to be one of the most successful fields to work in among all of the medical device industries.

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Please Welcome On Stage…Personal In-the-Ear Monitoring

Personal monitoring has revolutionized onstage sound reinforcement. The development of personal monitors was driven by the need to provide an onstage listening experience that surpassed the limitations of traditional floor monitor systems, and it has the dual ability to protect the performers’ hearing. Here’s a brief tutorial on these systems.

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Hearing Protection for Musicians

Musicians need to hear well, and safely, when they play. Standard industrial-type hearing protectors muffle sound and frequently provide too much attenuation and occlusion to be acceptable for musicians. This article describes the selection of high-fidelity earplugs for musicians.

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Hearing Aids for Musicians

Understanding and managing the four physical differences between speech and music allows the hearing care professional to approximate the correct electroacoustic parameters and enhance the enjoyment of listening to music.

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