Month: August 2004

ABRs or ASSRs? The Application of Tone-Burst ABRs in the Era of ASSRs

Although the newer auditory steady-state response (ASSR) test has solid applications in the field of diagnostic audiology, the auditory brainstem response (ABR) with click or tone-burst signals retains great importance. A tutorial on using and interpreting ABRs is presented, and the author shows why the ABR is most useful in the differentiation of types of auditory dysfunction, while the ASSR is uniquely valuable in estimating auditory thresholds of those with moderate to profound losses.

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Myths About Hearing Aid Benefit and Satisfaction

Hearing aid technology, fitting science, and professional education have all improved dramatically in the last 10 years, yet there continues to be little increase in customer satisfaction. Additionally, few studies conclusively link satisfaction with benefit. This article examines why this might be by proposing that there may be six commonly accepted myths-relating to hearing aid fittings, benefit, and satisfaction.

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