Month: May 2003

News Story #1369

Seminars Unitron Unitron Hearing, Plymouth, Minn, has developed a new product line, Conversa™ with ClearCall, to addresses the most common concerns of the hearing aid wearer. A 3-hour seminar will be held in 42 major metropolitan areas in 26

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News Story #1368

Hands Free Cell Phone Adaptor Mid-States Laboratories, Wichita, Kan, announces the addition of their second hands-free cell phone adaptor. The original unit fits the earbud available on standard cell phone listening attachments into a silicone ful

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News Story #1364

Egger Corp Opens US OperationsEgger Corp’s new US headquarters in Atlanta. Atlanta — Egger Corp, which has its world headquarters in Kempten, Germany, opened its first US facilities in Atlanta. The company produces hygi

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News Story #1363

Happy BS&HM! May is Better Speech and Hearing Month (BS&HM)! Traditionally, this is the time that hearing care professionals flood the airwaves and print media with messages about getting your hearing checked, dispensing office open houses

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