The American Speech-Language-Hearing Assn (ASHA), Washington, DC, has published a new survey showing that the annual median salary of an audiologist in 2018 was $80,000 to $83,843, depending on if they were employed in a clinical services or academic setting.
The survey data were gathered from 1,756 audiologists who responded to the ASHA 2018 Audiology Survey. Of the 1,615 respondents who reported how they were paid, more than 4 in 5 (81%) respondents were employed as clinical service providers. Median calendar year salaries ranged from $79,095 for clinical service providers to $104,293 for administrators, supervisors, and directors.

ASHA also points out several interesting highlights in the survey. Median salaries for audiologists who work on a calendar (non-academic) year were:

  • $80,721 for audiologists with a master’s degree; $79,072 with an AuD; and $112,705 with a PhD;
  • $72,000 for those with 1–3 years of experience;
  • $80,000 for women and $91,925 for men;
  • $84,000 for private practice owners;
  • $82,872 for audiologists who were paid primarily by commission.

The median academic-year salary was $84,982 for audiologists who were university faculty and clinical educators ($80,000 for women).

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