There are an estimated 19 million US veterans, the majority (more than 14 million) of whom are classified as “wartime veterans.” The three most frequent service-connected disabilities for veterans are (in order) tinnitus, hearing loss, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)—making it likely that if you’re caring for veterans, you may encounter some with both hearing disorders and PTSD. This special report, sponsored by Hamilton® CapTel®, looks at the research and special audiological considerations for veterans with PTSD, interviewing veterans, audiologists, and experts in this area.

The special report also covers:

  • Unique personal and hearing treatment challenges for veterans with hearing disorders and PTSD;
  • How tinnitus can assume a larger-than-usual role in the lives of veterans with PTSD, and how audiologists might help by modifying their hearing aid fitting goals and aural rehabilitation;
  • Why prescribing amplification for those with PTSD can sometimes be a double-edged sword, dramatically helping some while also posing unexpected challenges for others;
  • How to refer veterans with PTSD for specialized assistance from the VA;

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