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As amazing new hearing aid technology continues to emerge, it’s vital for clinics to also take a fresh look at an area that can both help patients afford the top products and get the care they want and need: patient financing strategies.

Have you ever considered using patient financing as a key strategic tool in your clinic? This insightful webinar will focus on financing strategies and offer practical tips that you can start using immediately.

The narrative of patient financing in many hearing clinics has remained unchanged for years. Perhaps a mere mention at the end of an appointment or handing the patient a brochure. This age-old approach is a missed opportunity.

Our seasoned panel, comprising former clinic owners with hands-on experience, will share ideas on how financing can work for the benefit of your patients and your clinic.

You’ll learn about specific tactics to utilize including:

  • Strategic patient financing: How financing can help patients choose advanced hearing technologies
  • Proactive conversation strategies to start the financing discourse early, helping ensure patients are well-informed and comfortable
  • Crafting a marketing strategy centered on financing to help bring in business earlier
  • Leveraging seasonality to promote attractive financing options

Don’t let the maze of patient financing deter you. Equip yourself with a map crafted by experts. With insights from hearing clinic veterans who’ve been in your shoes and successfully put into practice innovative strategies, this webinar is set to revolutionize how you perceive and implement patient financing.

Dive in and reshape the narrative of your clinic’s financing journey.

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