Summary: Sycle announced its strategy to transition hearing clinics to a digital, paperless environment. The initiative will begin with new features for document storage and e-signature to enhance efficiency and improve the patient experience.


  • Sycle’s new digital tools are designed to simplify document storage and management, enable fast document searches, and allow for easy sharing.
  • The digital clinic strategy will be rolled out in three stages, starting with document storage and eSignature features available in Q2 2024. Subsequent phases will introduce digital templates for essential documents and advanced clinic reporting with digital forms, aiming to support a wide range of clinical needs and operational scales.
  •  Sycle’s strategy is designed to support clinics of all sizes, helping them to improve operational efficiency and patient interactions through a modernized, digital approach.

Sycle announced its digital clinic strategy to create a paperless office, which it will initiate through new document storage and e-signature features designed to save time and paper.

Helping Hearing Clinics Go Digital

Sycle’s initial “go digital” release helps clinics with the important basics of document storage and management and e-signatures for huge efficiency gains and a stronger patient experience.

Document Management

Sycle Document Management is designed to make it easier to organize, share, and archive documents. Benefits of the service will include:

  • Fast, targeted document searches powered by filters and tags
  • Simple file management through quick uploads or scans of different file formats
  • Digital sharing with physicians and care partners

New eSignature Service

Sycle’s eSignature reduces the time-intensive process of moving documents between multiple people, the company says. It’s designed to eliminate paper shuffling and reduces expenses through:

  • Document sharing between patients and providers for electronic signature
  • Flexible options for when and where signing occurs – remote or in-person
  • Control over the signing order, even for multiple signatures from the same contact

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Sycle’s Three-Stage Strategy

Sycle’s robust strategy includes three stages. 

The first stage, Sycle Document Storage and eSignature, will be available in Q2 2024. Stage two closely follows, focusing on digital document templates for key areas such as purchase agreements and physician reporting. The third stage is built around clinic reporting and digital forms. It will introduce new reporting around intake, compliance, and insurance forms and simplify collecting patient information through client history, intake, and insurance forms.

“Modern and paperless, Sycle’s digital clinic strategy provides big wins in time-saving efficiency and a smoother patient experience,” says Joel Lockwood, president, Sycle. “With the industry’s largest client base, we carefully constructed a multi-phase plan to support different clinic needs – all sizes, from the starter stage to established business.”