Let’s face it: your competitors offer similar hearing instrument technologies. Set your clinic apart from the others by offering a flexible, empowering and easy experience that patients can’t get anywhere else. FLEX:TRIAL™, part of our FLEX™ experience, is a stand-out solution that lets you focus on hearing care, rather than your sales pitch.

Traditionally, patients are assessed in a place they don’t spend much time: the hearing clinic. They’re expected to pay upfront for hearing instruments they often can’t take home the same day. It’s no wonder they can be apprehensive about the purchase, and many devices end up being returned. That is, if they make a purchase at all – and more than a third of newly-diagnosed patients with hearing loss won’t.1

You wouldn’t test drive a car in the dealership parking lot – why should hearing instruments be any different? A test drive in the real world tells you how the hearing instrument is performing in the places your patients live, work and play, before they buy.

83% of hearing care professionals reported FLEX:TRIAL reduces the stress of selling.2

Explore Unitron’s three steps to success:

  • Offer a risk-free trial. No money down, no commitment.
  • Extend the assessment beyond the clinic and into real world, where your patients spend their time.
  • Combine objective evidence and patient satisfaction ratings to get a complete view of your patients’ listening lifestyles.

It’s risk-free and costs absolutely nothing

Hearing instruments may sound great in your clinic, but how do they stand up to chatting with friends in a busy coffee shop or in different work environments?

Let your patients experience first-hand the benefits of hearing instruments in real life. No more waiting for an order to arrive, and more importantly, no more sales pitch. Your patients can try amplification right away and use it in the places and situations most important to them.

Better yet, there’s no risk or upfront cost for your patients – just an easy, inclusive experience tailored to their needs. In fact, 72% of HCPs report that FLEX increases patient satisfaction.2


Real-world assessments

Forget the typical “report back to me after the trial” scenario. Our Ratings app allows patients to share their in-the-moment impressions of how the solution is performing for them – all from the convenience of their smartphone.

And if there are bumps in the road, you’ll be the first to know. You’ll automatically receive an email notification after three negative ratings or an overall satisfaction rating of six or less. You can then reach out to your patient to see how you can help improve their experience.


Have smarter, more meaningful conversations

Your patients expect you to be a trusted expert, not a salesperson. Gain evidence-based insights about their listening lifestyle with Log It All. The next evolution of data logging, it provides the context around when, where and how patients are using their hearing instruments.

Log It All, combined with Ratings, gives you the insights you need to show patients a true picture of their lifestyle, and what solutions are right for them.

1 Anovum (2017) Unitron Launch Monitor

2 HCP FLEX program survey, USA, 2018


Download Overview

Amazing experiences come out of the Blu

Meet our Blu family of hearing aids. Designed to empower your clients throughout their journey with easy in-the-moment personalization and seamless Made For All connectivity.

All of Unitron’s hearing instruments on the Blu platform are designed with a focus on aesthetics, comfort, and ease of use.

Download this introductory packet on the Blu platform to learn about the features, benefits, customizations and additions to the Blu platform that your patients can enjoy:

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