Practices of every size and location have been benefiting from applying the proven business tactics AHAA has developed over the last 15 years. The results speak for themselves. When AHAA works closely with practices to ensure that their staffs consistently accomplish All The Right Things, they thrive. It’s that simple. Contact us today to begin your journey toward double-digit growth.

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Audioscan continues to lead the way in verification technology with the introduction of testing for frequency altering instruments. This new software is available at our Web site and is free of charge.

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Blueprint Solutions LLC

Blueprint OMS is clinic management made easy. Blueprint OMS features an easy graphical user interface, a fast, effective marketing module that gets the right message to the right patients, real-time QuickBooks integration eliminating double entry, and extensive reporting options. Blueprint OMS can be accessed from anywhere.

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Grason-Stadler Inc (GSI)

For over 60 years, Grason-Stadler has been “Setting the Clinical Standard in Audiometry,” tympanometry, and hearing health care diagnostics. Far more than a tagline, it is embedded in our corporate DNA and is the driving force behind everything we do.

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AURIGA by Hansaton impresses with numerous technical and award-winning design innovations, which makes for a luxurious hearing experience. First-rate listening pleasure from all directions, excellent speech intelligibility, natural sound, and wireless connectivity will exceed your customers’ hearing requirements. Established in 1957 in Hamburg, Germany, Hansaton is a global brand represented in 70 countries.

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The Hearing Review

The Hearing Review offers the hearing industy’s most complete and up-to-the-minute online news coverage. Hearing Review TV is a 5-minute, twice-monthly video newscast about important happenings in the hearing industry. With the most experienced staff, the largest circulation and readership, and a sister magazine (Hearing Review Products) that offers comprehensive product information, HR is the premiere news source in hearing care.

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The HELPcard

For over 27 years, The HELPcard® has provided ways to increase your profitability with more opportunities for your patients to afford the highest quality in hearing care. Contact The HELPcard today to find out how increased approvals through The HELPcard will improve your sales outlook.

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Hearing News Network (HNN)

HNN is a digital venue geared specifically toward hearing health care professionals. It is a tool used to entertain, educate, and market your practice to your patients in your waiting room. The HNN platform delivers dynamic, current, and contextually relevant content, customized for you and your patients on a monthly subscription basis.

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Otometrics offers the first modern audiometer to combine the best of traditional and PC-based features: the MADSEN Astera. Not only does it incorporate features to improve the diagnostic testing process, it is ready to meet future Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems requirements. The patient’s counseling experience also can be enhanced with a touch screen inside the booth. Also see our 2011 educational opportunities.

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At Phonak, we believe that hearing delight should be available to all. Following the successful launch of Phonak Ambra and Audéo S RIC, the Phonak Spice Generation portfolio is complete with Solana and Cassia. Sharing the benefits of the same advanced technology, there is now a Spice solution to suit every individual—regardless of age, lifestyle, personal preference, budget, or degree of hearing loss.

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Rayovac has improved the World’s Longest Lasting Mercury Free hearing aid battery! Improved Performance ProLine Advanced Mercury Free not only lasts up to 30% longer than other mercury-free hearing aid batteries, it also performs with higher voltage of 1.45 volts! Call today for more information.

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ReSound is the technology leader in hearing solutions. Since the company’s inception in 1943, ReSound has been responsible for a number of industry firsts, including Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC), Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS), and the world’s first open-standard digital chip. Headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark, GN ReSound is part of the GN ReSound Group, one of the world’s largest providers of hearing aids and diagnostic instrumentation.

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Sycle is the number-one practice management software that over 3,600 clinics depend on every day to help run their businesses. Thousands of hearing care professionals are simplifying their lives while increasing hearing aid sales. Scheduling, sales reporting, marketing, and insurance billing are wrapped into one, easy to use, Web-based solution. It’s no surprise that 95% of current customers say they would recommend Sycle to their colleagues. Sign up and try Sycle for 3 months at no risk.

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Unitron’s Passport™ and Latitude™ hearing instrument families offer the Unifi™ Wireless System, providing more options for clients to stay connected to people, places, and technology in their lives. Unitron’s wireless technology now features Moxi™ 3G, the only ultra-small CRT with a built-in telecoil. The neck-worn uDirect allows easy connection to a variety of plug-in, FM, and Bluetooth® enabled devices—including the new uTV accessory.

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Westone Laboratories Inc

Westone has everything for the successful hearing care professional. Since 1959, we’ve provided outstanding custom-fit earpieces, reliable clinical supplies, and expert technical support to hearing care professionals worldwide.

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Widex USA Inc

Widex is one of the most respected manufacturers of hearing aids, offering unique and important advancements for 55 years. Mind440 hearing aids offer ultimate sound quality, a 15-Channel High Definition Locator, the Audibility Extender, and Zen—a Widex-only patented program. In a clinical study, Zen has shown promise as a sound therapy tool for tinnitus management. It is also available in the 10-channel Mind330z, 5-channel Mind220z, and Passion440 RIC.

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