The Widex Audiological Summit 2017 (WAS2017)—an event showcasing future trends and insights in hearing aid design, audiology, and business solutions—kicks off in Copenhagen on May 3-5, Widex announced. This year’s theme is “Going Beyond Hearing.” The program includes international speakers such as Nina Kraus, Sandra Sieber, and Ingrid Johnsrude.

Following the theme of “Going Beyond Hearing,” keynote speakers will explore how human communication can be improved by harnessing the brain’s potential and cognitive capacity for change, while discussing how the nature of the hearing aid’s processed sound can affect the amount of listening effort that listeners invest into understanding and recognizing processed sound. During WAS2017, Widex will challenge the traditional audiological understanding of hearing, and set the agenda with its “Effortless Hearing.” The goal is to design hearing aids that require the least amount of effort from the listeners to interpret sound.


Widex Headquarters in Lynge, Denmark.

“Going Beyond Hearing” requires innovative and technological superiority to specify hearing aid output that carefully takes individual characteristics and customized data into account. Adding “digital density” to the industry, WAS2017 will explore new competitive scenarios where data science and the Internet of Things allow us to go beyond hearing and articulate a new value proposition in our industry.

The program also includes a visit to Widex’s CO2-neutral headquarters, where there will be detailed demonstrations of the company’s innovative solutions, as well as poster sessions and a factory tour of its environmentally friendly building.

Widex invites Hearing Review readers to watch all keynotes online when and where it suits you. Stay tuned for sign-up to online access here at HR.