WSJ A January 11 Wall Street Journal opinion article by Temma Ehrenfeld titled “How Trump Can Help Millions Hear” is extremely critical of the hearing care field and says President-elect Trump and his transition team’s free-market reforms should include making “hearing aids as easy to purchase as glasses.” Citing the PCAST report, the article notes the $2300 ($4600/pair) cost of hearing aids, compares them with cell phones and glasses, and takes aim at audiologists and bundled pricing. However, the author also notes that consumers can currently purchase hearing aids online or at retailers without bundled pricing for a fraction of this price. Ehrenfeld concludes with “In addition to instructing his FDA chief to approve an over-the-counter device, Mr. Trump should take further steps to make the hearing-aid market more transparent and undo the bundle. Consumers need simple standard terms for features and capabilities, as well as an open-platform approach that allows anyone to program an aid. These moves would be an easy way to improve the lives of millions of people.”