poweroneVMpo_Composing_Blister_520x383_02VARTA Microbattery, a manufacturer of hearing aid batteries based in Ellwangen, Germany, launched it’s power one brand of mercury-free zinc-air hearing aid batteries and new power one app at the October 2014 EUHA Congress in Hannover.

VARTA Microbattery has been producing batteries for 125 years. The company’s new power one hearing aid batteries are available in standard and mercury-free versions.

The new power one app allows acousticians, audiologists, and other hearing aid professionals to register as power one providers so they can be listed as local suppliers of the power one hearing aid batteries. Patients and hearing aid users can use the power one app to search for power one dispensing professionals in their area—the app will display the nearest professional on a map.

The app includes other helpful functions, like a reminder for when to take medicine or buy replacement batteries. There is a battery guide feature, which answers important questions about batteries, including the different types. A power one news feature keeps users and providers up-to-date on the latest product news and highlights.

The new, free power one app can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, and the Windows Store, and is currently available in German and English. A French version will soon be released.

As part of its launch, the power one brand is sharing a delicious, vitamin-rich recipe for an energy-boosting drink:

The Power One Alcohol-Free Cocktail

½ lime

¼ orange

2 dashes lemon juice

3 cl sugar cane syrup

2 cl orange juice

2 cl mango puree

2-3 cl cranberry juice

Crushed ice

Fruit to garnish

In a cocktail glass, place 4 lime slices and two orange slices. Add 3 cl sugar cane syrup. Top up with approx. 1 tablespoonful of crushed ice. Pour 2 cl orange juice, 2 dashes of lemon juice and 2 cl mango puree over the ice and mix. Scatter more crushed ice over the top. Pour 2-3 cl cranberry juice on top. Garnish with fruit.

Source: VARTA Microbattery GmbH