The June meeting of the Oregon Hearing Society, Portland, will feature a variety of continuing education seminar topics presented by professionals, both local and from around the country.

The event is to be held at the Resort at the Mountain, Welches, Ore. For more information, click here.

On the evening of June 11, Jay Thurman, from Hearing Resources, Portland, will be presenting Hearing Assistive Technology: An Interfacing Primer for the Hearing Instrument Specialist.

On June 12, Dr Neil Bauman, from the Center for Hearing Loss Help, Pa, will present Ototoxicity–The Evil Menace, in two parts. Part one will be Don’t Let Ototoxic Drugs Flip Your World Upside Down, and part two will be Use Your Knowledge of Ototoxicity to Help Your Clients. For the second seminar, Bauman will be presenting The Eerie World of Tinnitus and Other Phantom Sounds. This class will also be in two parts with a break inbetween. Part one will be Tinnitus-When your Ears Ring, Roar or Rumble. and part two will be Musical Ear Syndrome (MES)–the Phantom Voices, Ethereal Music, and Other Spooky Sounds Hard-of-Hearing-People Secretly Experience.

To round out the day, Dr Curtis Billings, from OHSU and NCRAR, will be presenting a neuroscience perspective on Hearing Aid Acclimatization, Auditory Training, and Perception in Noise.

On June 13, Dr James Jerger, University of Texas at Dallas, will be presenting The History of Audiology in the USA, followed by a Q&A.

[Source: Oregon Hearing Society]