Canadian Audiologist_logo_screen_shot The first issue of Canadian Audiologist, the official publication of the Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA), has been published this January. It is the initial issue of the online-only magazine, which replaces the Canadian Hearing Report as CAA’s official publication. Marshall Chasin, AuD, is the publication’s editor in chief (Dr Chasin is also an editorial advisor of The Hearing Review and writes the monthly column, Back to Basics).

Canadian Augiologist has all of the features that a digital publication can provide, with searchable articles, the ability to download and print articles, and immediate updates of new audiology news items. It is available free via email 6 times a year by subscription to those people interested in hearing healthcare across Canada.

Chasin headshot
Marshall Chasin, AuD

The publication contains articles and regular columns written by experts in our field on every aspect of audiology, technology, hearing aid dispensing, aural (re)habilitation, vestibular function, and even the economics of hearing loss and the hearing aid industry.

Source: Canadian Academy of Audiology