To keep up with advancing technology in the digital age, we periodically update the Hearing Review website and digital features. Our regular readers and new visitors alike may have noticed recently that our website has a new look!

Our website redesign has been undertaken to make the HR site more user-friendly and responsive to a wider range of smart phones and mobile technology. Rebuilt from the bottom up, and back to front, the redesigned Hearing Review website should look better and be easier to navigate via your smart phone, notepad, or other handheld device. Even if you’re visiting us from your desktop, you’ll notice that our new layout shows more stories on the home page, all of which are “clickable” for further reading and greater access to other stories and information.

Please be patient with us as we iron out a few technical glitches during the transition phase to our new responsive design. If you run into any problems with navigation, or have any suggestions for other improvements, please feel free to let us know via email to: [email protected]


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