Audiology Systems, a US distributor of GN Otometrics products as well as other audiology and vestibular equipment, announced new dates for a series of training CEU courses designed to help clinicians and hearing care professionals maximize the use of hearing and balance instrumentation. Attendees can earn up to 2.1 CEUs. The company is working with Drs Gus Mueller, Kamran Barin, and Kristen Janky for its Expert Series 2016.

Expert Series 2016 According to Audiology Systems, it is building on the educational foundation that ICS established over many years, and offering more courses for hearing care professionals to increase their knowledge and skills in hearing and balance care. The courses are intended for clinical audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, research professionals, academics and industry professionals. The company works in close collaboration with industry experts, such as Drs Mueller, Barin and Janky, to create learning opportunities that will help clients and clinicians maximize the use of hearing and balance instrumentation.

Here are the upcoming courses in the Expert Series from Audiology Systems: 

May 6, 2016: FittingNOW! Expert Series (0.7 CEUs). Gus Mueller, PhD, facilitates the 7-hour FittingNOW! Expert Series. In addition to assisting their patients in selecting the appropriate hearing instruments, hearing care professionals are faced with choices and decisions about the protocols to use for assessments, fittings, and follow up. This workshop provides information on tools and techniques to facilitate these decisions. Focusing on Probe Microphone Measurements (PMM) and Hearing Instrument Test (HIT) box options, a range of procedures that can be used at various points of the fitting process will be discussed and demonstrated. Highlights include step-by-step instructions for common probe microphone measures, use for measure of audibility, verification of prescriptive fittings, MPO, and assessment of special features. For a limited time, attendees can register for only $99! View course details at:

October 19-21, 2016: 16th Annual VNG/ENG Course (up to 2.1 CEUs). Kamran Barin, PhD, facilitates the VNG/ENG Course (known as “The Barin Course”). This comprehensive three-day course will provide practical information necessary to make the VNG/ENG test, video head impulse, and other commonly used vestibular tests an effective part of the diagnostic process. When combined with the 4-hour course facilitated by Kristen Janky, PhD, (October 21), attendees can earn up to 2.1 CEUs. Impulse training includes hands-on training for VEMP testing with the ICS Chartr EP 200. By using the promo code EARLYBIRD16, attendees who register for the full 3-day course by June 30, 2016 will save $100 off registration. View promotion and course details at:

For more information about the course offerings, visit the Audiology Systems website, and those interested are also encouraged to contact their local Audiology Systems sales representative.

More courses are also listed in The Hearing Review’s Upcoming Events section.

Source: Audiology Systems