Sensaphonics Gold Circle faculty and graduates: (L-R) Sensaphonics audio engineering consultant, Joe Tessone, President, Dr Michael Santucci with audiologists Jenna Paley; Jake Marsden; Lidia Lee, Rachel Otto; and Dee Price.

On October 7-8, the experts in safe sound at Sensaphonics, makers of in-ear monitors and hearing protection products, held their final Gold Circle seminar of 2016. Five audiologists from across the country came to Chicago for the 2-day, CEU-certified seminar, earning inclusion on the company’s roster of exclusive providers.

According to Sensaphonics, the Gold Circle seminar provides a unique mix of practical and technical product information, hearing wellness principles, and concert sound system basics, with a primary focus on in-ear monitors (IEMs). Participants learn through a series of classroom modules, as well as a hands-on demo session featuring a live band experiencing in-ear monitors for the first time.

Audiologists earning their Gold Circle certification include Lidia Lee, PhD, of Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Mich; Rachel Otto of Pacific Hearing Service in Los Altos, Calif; Jake Marsden AuD, of Manhattan Audiological Services in New York City; Dee Price of Gentilly Speech and Hearing Services, New Orleans, La; and Jenna Paley of Project Decibel in Chicago, Ill.

“We’re proud to welcome these new members to the Sensaphonics Gold Circle,” said Michael Santucci, AuD, president of Sensaphonics. “They understand the importance of bringing expertise in hearing wellness to all aspects of their practice, especially musicians using in-ear monitors for on-stage performance. The Gold Circle seminar provides them with the training and expertise to work as specialists in the selection and use of IEMs and related tools to achieve high-impact stage monitoring and good hearing health.”

The Gold Circle seminar is taught by Dr Santucci and audio engineering consultant Joe “Sound Guy” Tessone, owner of Mystery Street Recording Company in Chicago. Topics include in-ear monitoring, hearing protection technology, concert sound system design, backstage etiquette, and marketing to musicians, production personnel, and fans. Attendees are also certified in taking proper ear impressions to Sensaphonics’ music industry specifications.

The seminar’s highlight was a live music session at Mystery Street Recording featuring 13 Angels, a four-piece rockabilly band using IEMs for the first time. Session leader Joe Tessone outfitted the band and audiologists with 3D AARO Active Ambient in-ear systems, demonstrating the basics of live sound monitoring in the context of a typical band rehearsal. The audiologists used dB Check in-ear sound level meters to track volume levels, interacting with the band between songs for a unique insight on the difficulty of working at safe levels and how in-ear monitors can reduce the band’s risk levels.

The Gold Circle Seminar is fully accredited by the American Academy of Audiology for professional development, earning participants 1.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). For more information on upcoming seminar events or to find a Gold Circle audiologist in your area, visit the Sensaphonics website.

Source: Sensaphonics