April13-cover The Hearing Review, April 2013 Issue

Cover Story

Why the Audiogram Is Upside-down
By James Jerger, PhD, with Foreword by Ross J. Roeser, PhD
At first glance, the audiogram is upside-down; the values on the vertical axis become smaller, rather than larger, as they move from the bottom to the top of the graph. Here is the story of the evolution of the audiogram, the three great researchers who shaped it, and how the audiogram came to be upside-down.

Hearing Instrument Technology

An Automated System to Improve Hearing Aid Settings for Non-English Speakers
By Marshall Chasin, AuD, and Neil S. Hockley, MSc
There are subtle linguistic differences between many of the world’s languages that are not taken into account by the language-specific SII or the LTASS. The new Language Specific Targets implemented by Bernafon’s Oasis fitting software are designed to address this issue by applying linguistic factors in the prescription process.

Concepts for Binaural Processing in Hearing Aids
By Matthias Latzel, PhD
Advanced binaural algorithms can provide effective solutions for two major everyday problems encountered by hearing aid users: speech intelligibility in noise and in wind.

Diagnostics and Patient Care

In the Trenches, Part 3: Caloric and Rotational Chair Tests
By Cammy Bahner, MS; Michelle Petrak, PhD; Douglas Beck, AuD; and Amanda Smith, AuD
The final installment of this 3-part series explores the relative contributions and importance of bi-thermal caloric testing as well as the contribution of whole body rotation.

The Role of Hearing Loss in Late-life Depression
By Carl R. Chiasson, AuD
Clinicians need to be mindful of the need to recognize the interactions that occur between hearing loss, depression, and cognition and to counsel their patients accordingly—particularly when making recommendations for hearing aids.


Staff Standpoint
Connecting the Dots on the Audiogram…and Elsewhere
By Karl Strom

Blog Page
Paternity Suit: Who Is the Real Father of Audiology?
By Robert Traynor, EdD

Looking Back…
…60 Years Ago to April 1953
By Karl Strom

The Final Word
Benefiting from Prior Experiences…or Not!
By Dennis Van Vliet, AuD

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