Clear Digital Media (CDM), Naperville, Ill, a provider of custom digital signage and educational programming for the hearing health care industry, announced they will be introducing MDEmails as their newest service. According to industry experts, email is the fastest marketing method to reach physicians, and email marketing continues to yield the highest return on investment compared to other direct marketing mediums. MDEmails is designed to allow hearing healthcare providers to access their local physician network in and around the community they serve. According to CDM, MDEmails is an email design and delivery service used to educate the physicians in the hearing healthcare provider’s service area of all the positive results of properly treating hearing loss.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.29.28 PM MDEmails taps into the power of physician marketing experts like Brian Taylor AuD, adjunct professor at A.T. Still University, editor for Academy of Doctors of Audiology and independent consultant of Taylor Audiology, and Bob Tysoe, owner of Hearing Healthcare Marketing Company. According to CDM, Taylor and Tysoe’s credible and persuasive words written in the language of medicine increase the likelihood that the physician will want to open the email, to the physician’s desire to diagnose, treat, and prevent hearing loss, as well as tinnitus, dizziness, and balance disorders that compromise the patient’s quality of life.

“As research continues to mount indicating untreated hearing loss in adults has many long term consequences to overall quality of health and wellness, it is imperative for audiologists to communicate with physicians in an ethical manner, using the best available peer reviewed evidence to support their claims,” said Taylor. “These letters are an excellent opportunity to raise awareness among the entire medical community about the importance of comprehensive hearing care.”

“Our new email delivery system is a great way to get hearing healthcare provider’s messages delivered directly to local physicians quickly and cost effectively,” said Brad Dodson, vice president of sales for Clear Digital Media. “MDEmails is the perfect complement to any hearing healthcare provider’s existing physician outreach program.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.35.34 PM “MDEmails improves patient access to audiological care, which rewards the physician, the audiologist/hearing healthcare provider, and most importantly, the patient,” said Tysoe.

For more information on MDEmails visit the blog webpage or contact Brad Dodson at: [email protected].

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Source: Clear Digital Media