May 22, 2007

Avada Hearing Care Centers (, operating subsidiary of Hearing Healthcare Management, Inc, (HHM), conducted quarterly meetings with its Regional Directors earlier this year in Miami, Florida (January 17-19) and in Denver, Colorado (April 17-19) during the AAA (American Academy of Audiology) Convention.

These meetings consist of advanced practice management discussions designed to stimulate creative thinking and discussions relative to the profitable operations of the Company. Avada CEO Steve Barlow, who leads and facilitates each meeting, also acknowledged that discussions amongst Avada’s regional directors always stimulates exceptional dialogue and creative solutions to everyday business challenges that the Regional Directors face.

"I’m extremely pleased with the meetings, because in all instances, we were met with sincere interest in expanding our organization within the hearing care industry,” Barlow said. "I believe these meetings have laid the groundwork for excellent profitability and future business development strategies. We are expecting further progress to be made in the direction of establishing additional Avada Hearing Care Centers and the addition of Avada Members nationwide."

The next scheduled meeting in Portland, Ore (July 24-26) will include Avada Regional Directors, Key Managers and Avada Members. The subject matter will be on going discussions relative to business development and practice profitability issues.