hear.com Earlier this year, Sivantos acquired audibene GmbH, a German company considered to be the most successful Internet portal for hearing care case management in Europe. Sivantos has announced that audibene is now entering the US market as hear.com, and gearing its marketing to reach a younger demographic.

According to Sivantos, hear.com is replicating the same dynamics and market strategy that made audibene number one in Europe. The company is structured to give hearing professionals the opportunity to access a younger, first-time hearing aid user market. This market represents good growth potential, says the company, and the average hear.com patient is 59 years old, which is nearly 10 years younger than the national average.

The company’s marketing strategy specifically targets younger hearing aid wearers, who are often first-time hearing aid wearers. In fact, 80% of hear.com customers are first-time hearing aid wearers. According to hear.com, hearing professionals who reach this younger demographic are likely to benefit from repeat business in the years to come as these wearers trade up to the newest technology.

One marketing strategy that hear.com uses is to try changing perception of hearing aids. The company gears its marketing messages to younger, more tech-savvy customers by characterizing hearing aids as smart, high-tech devices. This strategy is intended to make hearing aids more appealing to an audience that is known for seeking high-performing technology.

In its announcement, Sivantos reports that the hear.com qualified member network is now operating in several major markets throughout the US, and is expanding. The company’s consultants are reportedly trained to provide online customers with unbiased information to uncover a younger demographic and guide them through a positive first-time hearing aid decision purchase process. The hear.com consultants make efforts to rework the perception of traditional hearing aids as smart, wearable devices to lower the barriers that often prevent first-time wearers from purchasing. Once a hear.com customer is ready, they work with hearing care professionals who are part of the hear.com qualified member network to coordinate the initial fitting.

New members are being recruited to the hear.com network. For additional information, please visit the hear.com website.

Source: Sivantos