EOSERA™ Inc.—a biotech startup specializing in ear care products—announced its partnership with Oaktree Products, a distributor offering wholesale clinical supplies for audiologists, otolaryngologists (ENTs), and hearing instrument specialists.

Upon launching Earwax MD in April, Eosera’s CEO Elyse Dickerson said, “Healthcare professionals have been longing for a better solution for their patients with ear wax impaction. Currently available over-the-counter products are not providing enough relief.  By partnering with Oaktree Products, Eosera ensures audiologists and other healthcare providers have easy access to this new, innovative product.”

Earwax management is a constant challenge for audiologists and other healthcare professionals who need a quick and effective solution to use in-office, as well as to recommend for patients to use at home for routine maintenance. Consumers and healthcare professionals alike are longing for a faster, and more effective solution.


Oaktree Products carries two versions of Earwax MD— the two ounce bottle for in-office use and a smaller bottle available for healthcare professionals to resell to patients in their clinics.

“In clinical studies, 86% of patients experienced a complete clearance of earwax in 15-30 minutes. Earwax MD’s rate of effectiveness varies slightly among patients because each patient has a different type of earwax, but the product is proving itself to solve earwax impaction far better than anything currently on the market” said Joe Griffin, Eosera’s co-founder and CSO.

Bob Kemp, CEO of Oaktree Products, said, “Over the last 25 years, Oaktree has been involved in teaching and training cerumen (earwax) management to the audiology profession. Historically, earwax softening agents have been formulated with carbamide peroxide. These products, like Debrox, usually require several days to produce results. The ability to soften and remove wax in minutes will make cerumen removal in the clinic so much easier and more efficient. Oaktree is very excited to represent this ground breaking product.”


Earwax MD is also available through other distributors such as Warner Tech and ADCO Hearing. Consumers can purchase Earwax MD on Amazon and at CVS stores nationwide, starting in August.


Source: Eosera Inc.