Piscataway, NJ — Siemens Hearing Instruments has announced three new business development initiatives. The company is launching an Aspire Online Portal, a series of national and regional business development workshops, and a new Aspire Medical Program.

Siemens’ Aspire online software platform offers a secure, central location for members to view account information, redeem points, track progress, and access marketing co-op materials.

As part of the new business development initiatives, Siemens will also be presenting more than 15 annual regional, national, and virtual workshops that will focus on fostering growth and progress for Aspire members. The workshop topics will include insurance, sales, front office training, metrics, marketing, branding, and Internet utilization.

The Aspire program features free shipping, extended warranties, rebates, marketing support, and a catalog of more than 300 audiology goods and services that can be redeemed according to individual practice needs,

Siemens projects that an Aspire Rewards member who fully utilizes the program’s benefits will, on average, have a 30% reduction in expenses, as well as benefit from marketing support through co-op efforts and Siemens’ team of individual Business Development Consultants (BDCs).

Siemens’ third new initiative is the Aspire Medical Program. This new rebate program is similar in structure to the traditional Aspire program, but its specifications are designed to meet the needs of medical hearing professionals operating in university, hospital, and non-profit settings.

“With Aspire Medical, we’ve taken Siemens expertise from the healthcare sector and applied it to the needs of the hearing care community,” said Scott Davis, CEO of Siemens Hearing Instruments, in the press statement. “The program is one of a kind and offers medical professionals opportunities for growth like no other program, all in observance of compliance regulations and complete transparency.”

Aspire Medical features Siemens’ Customer Quality Assurance Guarantee, priority turnaround time, increased discounts, complimentary batteries, and extended warranties. Members also have access to BDCs, exclusive products, product training, a tailored Aspire Online Portal, and earned points to offset clinical expenses.

More information is available at www.usa.siemens.com/aspire.

SOURCE: Siemens Hearing Instruments