AudiologyNOW! attendees experienced firsthand the benefits of a remote microphone-based hearing device, available exclusively from ReSound. be by ReSound, Bloomington, Minn, is the world’s first remote microphone hearing instrument, the company says. Now available in both instant-fit and custom models, the remote microphone provides many benefits to patients and hearing care professionals, including natural wind noise reduction.

The unique microphone placement in the helix allows the ear to act as a natural shield protecting the microphone from irritating wind noise.

Just released from the manufacturer, be by ReSound Custom delivers:
-Consumer marketing campaigns that have been proven to drive patients through the door
-Happy patients and 67% fewer returns
-Simple and intuitive fitting
-Open fitting comfort and expanded fitting ranges
-Technology and design only available from ReSound

The company introduced an accessory at the conference that enables its hearing instruments to communicate wirelessly with Bluetooth-compatible cell phones, MP3 players, and navigation systems. ReSound offers hearing instruments at all price points that can communicate wirelessly with Bluetooth-enabled devices: its Azure, X-plore, Ziga, Essence, Sparx.

[Source: Resound]