The new Essence, from ReSound, Minneapolis, offers a long-lasting, customizable hearing instrument at an economical price.

The new budget-friendly hearing instrument puts the technology within reach of even your most cost-conscious patients.

“During this time of economic uncertainty, a superior budget hearing instrument is becoming increasingly important to more and more patients,” says Kevin Mensink, the company’s VP of marketing. “ReSound Essence makes ReSound technology available to an even broader set of patients.”

ReSound Essence delivers what budget-minded patients demand: excellent sound quality, low price, dual microphone directionality, Noise Tracker™ noise reduction, and Dual Stabilizer DFS™ feedback management.  

Its customization capabilities allow hearing care professionals to easily and efficiently program the hearing instrument and ensure immediate patient acceptance—as well as fast and efficient fittings. The long lasting device will also significantly reduce the cost of replacement batteries through ReSound’s power-saving chip technology.

The newly designed Essence BTE housing is durable and able to withstand the daily wear and tear of hearing aid use. While consumers in general are interested in products’ durability, budget-segment consumers are especially concerned with this.