Burnsville, Minn — AuDNet Inc and San Antonio, Tex-based AudiologyOnline, have launched a new iMarketing program specifically created for US-based licensed audiologists. The program will provide streamlined, digital marketing tools for individual audiologists and private practice owners looking to build their online presence and reach consumers searching for audiology care.

The program will offer professional Web site designs customized for each practice, fresh content routinely and automatically added to website, educational and promotional videos placed on company website, and online practice listings on major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! and MSN.

The site will also feature lead generation from AuDNet’s powerful NowiHear.com search tool.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with the leading hearing healthcare profession’s online resource in order to provide Audiologists with affordable tools for marketing their services, products, and credentials,” remarked Dr. Kathy Foltner, CEO of AuDNet.

Added Kurt Stull, vice president of Partner Corporate Relations at AudiologyOnline, “AuDNet has shown true leadership in the area of search engine optimization and online marketing for Audiologists and private practices. This partnership enhances our current service offering and is truly a win/win for everyone involved, including the consumer.”

The iMarketing program is slated to launch October 1 and sign-up will be available through December 31.