Livonia, Mich – The International Hearing Society (IHS) and Miracle-Ear® have partnered to create a corporate membership program that allows franchise owners and licensed hearing health professionals working for a Miracle-Ear office to join IHS beginning April 9, 2012.

Rick Frasier, president of the Miracle-Ear Franchise Advisory Council (FAC), stated in the press announcement, “The FAC believes IHS is an organization Miracle-Ear franchisees should support 100%. IHS represents our right to dispense hearing aids at a national, state, and local level.”

In addition to the membership program, Miracle-Ear has signed on as an IHS corporate sponsor. The arrangement will enable Miracle-Ear to deliver co-marketing programs over the course of the next several months. Miracle-Ear will also have an increased presence at the IHS convention through exhibit space and sponsorship of IHS’ Annual Awards Gala.

Miracle-Ear will also make contributions to the IHS Advocacy Alliance, which funds IHS legislative activities.

Kathleen Mennillo, IHS executive director, commented, “As IHS is extremely committed to unifying and elevating the position of hearing healthcare professionals, we are incredibly pleased with the opportunity to work with Miracle-Ear at this level. We are pleased to see that Miracle-Ear recognizes the importance of the Society’s role in preserving the profession and that more members can only have a positive effect on the industry moving forward. Strength comes in numbers.”

As a result of this program, IHS says that it expects to see a 25% to 30% growth in membership over the next 18 months. This increase in membership will help IHS’ efforts to unify the hearing health profession and to be a stronger advocate on a national and state level.

More information about the IHS-Miracle-Ear corporate membership program is available at

SOURCE: International Hearing Society (IHS)