Syracuse, NY—The EarQ Group reports that all EarQ-labeled hearing devices now come with a standard 4-year warranty.

Characterizing the announcement as its most significant in the company’s history, the standard warranty is a unique program offered exclusively through EarQ that will be an added value for patients, providing them with security in their device’s performance. The group reportedly completed a nationwide survey of over 1,000 private practice owners, and found that competitive challenges were identified as the number-one concern. EarQ says its members will find the warranty to be an alternative, ethical solution to price-point advertising, as well as a powerful tool to set their practices apart.

“Private practices are facing many challenges from the Internet as well as large chain competitors,” says Ed Keller, president of EarQ Group. “Our new standard 4-year warranty is a fresh approach that shows your commitment to patients’ hearing health care. Practices can now offer a powerful tool that sets them apart from the competition. In difficult economic times, patients are seeking added value, and a standard 4-year warranty meets their needs and gives them peace of mind.”

The EarQ Group offers a broad variety of business resources and support services, including value-based marketing, business tools, audiology support, and staff training, to practitioners nationwide. The EarQ Group is expanding, with a limited number of exclusive territories available. More information is available by contacting on EarQ’s Web site.