Beginning in May 2014, Audigy Group, Vancouver, Wash, began the process of establishing an internally managed paid Web search program. The first step to implementing the program included initiating a beta test with a few select members. The company says results of the beta are proving to be very favorable—with Audigy able to deliver consistent leads to a member’s practice at a competitive cost.



Due to the success of the beta campaigns, Audigy has achieved a partner status with its online publisher. The online publisher’s partnership program is available to a select group of companies, which have hit certain thresholds in their advertising platforms, in addition to superior campaign management.


The campaign management level has multiple requirements to ensure that campaigns are being run at the utmost effectiveness. They must maintain a high level of account organization, experience growth in performance over time, and go through optimization that reduces overall costs to the account. The latter is the requirement that takes the longest to satisfy. A typical account is run at a level of 3 to 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. The minimum requirement for partnership is for an account to run at a 7 or higher; Audigy’s accounts are currently performing at an 8. “We’ve achieved this level in such a short amount of time due to the optimization on these accounts and the consistent improvement of these accounts’ performance levels,” says Audigy Group. “Our results are due to the dedication from everyone working on this project.


There are multiple perks to Audigy’s partner agreements, and all are passed along to Audigy Group members. “Every member who enrolls in our paid search program receives an additional $100 of ad spend from the publisher in their first month,” says the company. “This additional budget helps cut down on the time it takes to optimize campaigns. Every member of our team is consistently learning new skills and techniques to increase our accounts’ performances. Audigy Group also receives invitations to beta trials, giving our members access to new technology before the general public. The world of digital advertising is ever changing, and keeping our members at the forefront of the digital marketplace is our ultimate goal.


Future applications of the Audigy program are endless. As we transition members to our in-house program, they can expect to see optimized results at a lower management fee than a typical digital agency would charge. As experts in our vertical, we are able to position members as front-runners in their digital communities. Enabling individuals or family members of individuals with hearing loss to find an AudigyCertified™ professional is a win-win situation for both the patient and our audiologists.”


Source: Audigy Group