As a student, I like the idea of getting some experience under my belt and then eventually owning a private practice. What kind of options, in terms of career paths, would you suggest?

Owning your own private practice can be one of the most rewarding and successful career paths. Getting experience is a smart decision because you will not only be drawing on your professional and clinical skills, you will also need to master the areas of marketing, finance, bookkeeping, insurance billing, legal, and human resources. Dealing with banks, government authorities, insurance companies, HIPAA and other legal or regulatory agencies, plus dealing with the hiring and day to day management of support and clinical staff is more than a full time job! That said, gaining the right experience is the key to becoming a successful business owner.

To create that learning curve, I would suggest looking for a position that encompasses as many of those skills as possible. For example, try to align with a practice that includes some type of marketing and business responsibilities, as well as the specific clinical functions that interest you. You may find those aspects and a good mentor in a local private practice. Another important consideration is the availability of good training programs and collegial support. Consider companies with organized learning systems, well established marketing programs, and effective infrastructures that will introduce you to business and operating strategies. Don’t forget the company culture – look for one that aligns with your ideals. From there, you will build a strong base from which you can develop your own successful model.

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