Quickly switching between test stimuli and test ears can be slow when it comes to PC-based audiometric instruments. The clinical audiometry modules of both the Affinity and the Equinox have customized protocols that allow you to speed the process and make your workflow more efficient.

Interacoustics’ PC-based audiometers have customized protocols for virtually any test scenario—from standard tests to more complex diagnostic assessments. For example, one of the most requested procedures is the free-field pediatric test. By creating a pediatric FF test protocol, the audiometer will automatically default to a free-field test with warble tones as the stimuli.  A few select keys will allow you to quickly move between the left and right speaker and maintain the stimulus choice (eg, warble tone). The setup also allows you to quickly move to frequencies that are only allowed for that test setup, such as the typical 500 Hz, 1,000 Hz, 2,000 Hz, and 4,000 Hz.  

Additionally, you can customize your free-field response symbols and have a free-field audiogram display of only one chart—and this format is maintained in the printout. A comment section for the chart is also included.

Conversely, a typical adult testing protocol will allow you to test and display on a right and left display, and you still have the choice of a single audiogram. All of this flexibility means that you can mold the audiometer to your testing needs—and not the other way around.

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