Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers a new Student and Clinical Practice Placement Program, created to assist in the matching of students and young professionals with externships and practice opportunities.

“We are excited to connect practices with externs and audiologists to help their businesses grow and thrive,” said Barry Freeman, PhD, senior director of education and audiology for Starkey. “We saw a need at the student and practice level alike and are thrilled that we can provide a forum to bring them together.”

Practices offering externship or employment opportunities were invited to complete a brief questionnaire. Students and audiologists may view the compiled information on in the Audiology & Education section under University Outreach/Practice Opportunities.

While some practices have openings for student externs, others are seeking audiologists and offering buyout or equity positions in their practices. The list is constantly being updated, so if those looking for career opportunities don’t find a prospect today, they can monitor the site for other openings in the future.

[Source: Starkey]