The German financial daily newspaper Handelsblatt reports that Sonova AG, Stafa, Switzerland, envisions increasing its technological edge and thus its market share—which the company reports as 26%—even more.

CEO Valentin Chapero Rueda said he expects the global market will grow 4 to 5% in volume in 2010, and will return gradually to a long-term average growth rate of 4 to 7%. He told the newspaper that Sonova will continue to grow well above the market.

Commeting on recent developments at competitor Siemens, he told the newspaper that "For us, it really makes no difference whether Siemens would sell its hearing aid business or now even invest in the business." He said that Siemens remains a "serious competitor," but along with other manufactures, has over the years given up shares to Sonova.

Sonova brands include Phonak and Unitron, and the company recently acquired Advanced Bionics, and InSoundMedical.

[Source: Handelsblatt]