SmartMove Cloud In a new YouTube video released by Smart Diagnostic Devices in advance of its SmartMove Cloud product launch, occupational health practitioners speak of barriers to efficient audiogram data management. The video, Resolve Audiometric Data Management Challenges with SmartMove Cloud: II, is the second SmartMove Cloud video in a series.

The new video cites audiogram data management challenges such as reaching the data storage capacity on audiometers, the inability to access audiometric data from multiple locations, and ensuring that data is accessed and stored securely.

Typical audiometers have storage capacity of 300 to 2,500 records. When capacity is reached, older data has to be deleted to make room for new. This can be a problem when OSHA rules can stipulate keeping hearing test data for as long as an employee remains with the company plus 30 years.

When the data is stored on the audiometer, it cannot be accessed from a remote location. In addition, if the data is stored in a printed format, or on a single PC, it may be vulnerable to a security breach.

The new SmartMove Cloud product promises to address these barriers. See the new video here.

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Source: Smart Diagnostic Devices