Sonic Alert, Troy, Mich, offers the new Geemarc CL1 Telephone Ring Amplifier with strobe light to alert hard-of-hearing individuals to incoming calls using a flasher and extra-loud (up to 95 dB) ringer alarm.

The CL1 is installed at home by connecting the adapter to an electrical outlet and inserting the telephone line from the CL1 into the wall jack. No telephone is required for the signaler to work; just an active telephone line and electricity, says the company.

Also available is an optional shaker, which can be placed under a pillow or mattress for enhanced notification. The signaler features tone and volume control and four alarm options: off, flash and alarm, flash and shaker, or alarm and shaker.

The unit can sit on a table or be wall-mounted, and has the ability to link to a second CL1.

[Source: Sonic Alert]