Piscataway, NJ – Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc has announced the new iMini for the United States market; it had already been released in Europe. The iMini is the smallest custom-made hearing instrument offered by Siemens in its 45-year history of making custom hearing aid products.

Siemens says in its press release that the iMini is designed to fit deeper into the wearer’s ear than other hearing instruments, but does not sacrifice comfort for invisibility because it sits in the bendable, cartilaginous portion of the ear canal. A fine, transparent filament allows for easy removal of the device.

The iMini is also designed to allow hearing health care professionals flexibility to program and fine-tune the device to the individual preferences and settings of the wearer.

The iMini is now available in 12 colors and features a speech and noise management system to automatically reduce background noise while isolating and enhancing speech.

SOURCE: Siemens Hearing Instruments