Dallas — Renata Batteries has developed a new line of 0% mercury silver oxide button cell batteries for hearing aids and other consumer devices.

Three states enacted laws banning mercury in button cell batteries, effective July 1, 2011. In March of 2006, NEMA, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association of the US electrical manufacturing industry, announced its commitment to eliminate added mercury from button cell batteries by June 30, 2011.

On July 1, 2011, laws enacted by the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine will become effective, making it illegal to sell devices powered by button cell batteries that contain mercury, including all 1.4V zinc-air and 1.5V alkaline batteries, as well as 1.55V silver oxide batteries. However, the Maine law initially limits the ban to five silver oxide battery types (357, 364, 371, 377, and 379) until January 2015, when all button cell batteries must be mercury-free.

Some 30 other states have also enacted or are proposing regulations addressing the use of mercury in batteries, meaning that OEMs must use 0% mercury button cells in their products if they are to be sold in the regulated states.

The complete description of Renata’s 0% mercury battery product line is available at www.sykessler.com/watch/0-mercury.html.

Currently, Rayovak and Energizer are known to both have a line of mercury-free batteries, and ZeniPower Battery Co will reportedly have its own mercury-free button cells for hearing aids by mid to late 2011. Varta Battery’s PowerOne brand has mercury-free rechargeable hearing aid batteries.

For more on this topic, read “The Mercury-Free State” in April’s Hearing Review Products. Also, see HRP‘s archived “Power Hungry” from September 2010.

SOURCE: Sy Kessler Sales