Savannah, Ga – According to P2i, there are now 3 million hearing aid users worldwide that are now protected by Aridion, P2i’s liquid repellent nano-coating.

The company also announced that it will unveil its new compact Aridion 8 processing machine (pictured) at the AAA 2011 conference in Chicago.

The Aridion 8 is designed to address the needs of smaller hearing aid manufacturers and dispensers.

Measuring 58 (W) x 86 (H) x 75 cm (D), the Aridion 8 allows for cost-effective and efficient processing of lower product volumes, including custom-fit devices.

The machines can be installed at any location that has a standard power supply and are operated at the touch of a single button. Aridion is applied using a special pulsed ionized gas (plasma), which is created within a vacuum chamber, enabling an extremely thin nanoscopic polymer layer to be attached to the hearing aid.

Aridion coats every aspect of a finished product at the nanoscopic level, not just individual product components treated prior to assembly. As a result, the application reportedly dramatically lowers the entire hearing aid’s surface energy, so that when humidity or sweat comes into contact with any part of the hearing aid, it forms beads that simply roll off.

Aridion will demonstrate the new Aridion 8 at Booth 1371 at the AAA 2011 show in Chicago, April 7-9.