Somerset, NJ — The editors of the British Society of Audiology’s BSA News have nominated Douglas L. Beck, AuD, director of professional relations at Oticon, and Ravi Sockalingam, PhD, AuD, senior audiologist at Oticon, for the Jos Millar Shield Award.

The Jos Millar Shield Award is given to the authors of the best paper published in the BSA News during the year. Beck and Sockalingam are being recognized for their article “Can Advanced Signal Processing Facilitate Spatial Hearing?”, which was featured in BSA News, Issue 62.

The Jos Millar Shield Award is held for 1 year and carries a certificate for the winners. It will be presented at a dinner during the BSA Annual Conference in London, which is being held from September 9 to 11, 2011.

Both Beck (right, above) and Sockalingam (right, below) are frequent contributors to The Hearing Review. Most recently, Beck co-authored “Developments in Electrocochleography: 2011” with John A. Ferraro, PhD, and David P. Speidel, MS, published in HR’s upcoming July 2011 issue.

Beck also recently co-authored “Connectivity in 2011: Enhancing the Human Experience” with Marcus Holmberg, PhD, audiology manager/concept and method development, at Oticon in HR’s March 2011 issue.

In HR’s July 2010 edition, Sockalingam published “A New Approach to Nonlinear Signal Processing” with Donald J. Schum, PhD, vice president of audiology and professional relations at Oticon.

The most recent past article co-authored by Beck and Sockalingam was “Facilitating Spatial Hearing Through Advanced Hearing Aid Technology,” published in HR’s April 2010 edition.

The Hearing Review editors congratulate Beck and Sockalingam for the Jos Millar Shield Award nomination.