Bloomington, Minn — Hearing aid manufacturer ReSound is helping financially challenged Pueblo, Colo residents with hearing loss to hear again with free hearing aids and hearing health care through ReSound’s Help America Hear charity.

Working with the Foundation for Sight & Sound, ReSound donated hearing aids, ear molds, and a consumer outreach audiologist to its Help America Hear mission in Pueblo, Colo. Hearing aid recipients were identified by area physicians, local groups, and churches, and received their free hearing aids in June.

"I was proud to be a part of this mission trip," said Adriane Levy, consumer outreach audiologist, ReSound. "The Foundation does really great work giving the gift of hearing to Americans who normally wouldn’t be able to afford hearing aids."

Among the attendees was a 13-year-old girl with moderate unilateral loss with normal hearing in the other ear. Her parents talked about how hard it was for her to hear the teacher at school and how she would miss critical information. When the ReSound Live 7 BTE hearing aid was turned on, the girl’s face lit up and she reportedly kept repeating, “I can hear better.”

Another recipient of a new ReSound hearing aid was a young man with severe-profound congenital familial hearing loss. He came to the event wearing two 15-year-old analog mini BTE hearing aids that were too weak for his level of hearing loss.

"It was very satisfying and gratifying to fit these individuals with hearing aids," said Levy. "Everyone has the right to hear better, regardless of their financial resources."

SOURCE: GN Resound