Chicago — Otometrics has signed an agreement with Attainia, an online health care equipment supplier. The agreement places all of Otometrics’ medical equipment on Attainia’s web portal.

“Otometrics always looks for new ways to add value to client relationships,” said Dan McNulty, general manager of Otometrics US, in the press statement. “Across the world, the need to work closely with architects and equipment planners is the same. Our partnership with Attainia affords stakeholders a proven platform to view accurate technical specs, pricing, and contract information on Otometrics products.”

The partnership with Attainia also allows Otometrics’ local distributorships in 150 countries around the world to get involved earlier in the planning stages.

“Attainia offers us a single portal to communicate across a very diverse landscape,” says Bjarne Larsen, director of distributor sales for Otometrics. “We offer customers a unique combination of global strength with local knowledge and expertise. Promoting Otometrics through Attainia is entirely consistent with our business philosophy, and we’re excited for our customers and distributors to take advantage of this relationship.”

SOURCE: Otometrics