Oticon has released the new Alta, a premium hearing aid line that includes a new fitting process that enables practitioners to factor in more personal patient dimensions.

Alta features Oticon’s new Inium wireless signal processing, which enables high performance capabilities in compact and configurable custom design RITEs and BTEs with ultra-low power consumption.

Inium also gives Alta the ability to exchange real-time information continually and seamlessly between both ears for more natural, authentic sound and improved speech understanding.

Inium’s computing and memory power also drives a range of exclusive Oticon features:

Speech Guard E provides a clearer and more detailed speech signal that keeps voices distinct from each other and separates them more clearly from competing background sounds.

Spatial Sound Premium uses Inium’s high bandwidth, smooth frequency response, and real-time binaural processing speed to preserve the sound signal’s natural characteristics so that users can better prioritize where they focus in environments with competing sounds.

Free Focus directionality offers five different surround and directionality modes for more personalization to each client’s hearing experience.

Oticon’s Feedback Shield is designed to prevent and suppress feedback while optimizing and ensuring audibility without distortions or artifacts, even in difficult listening situations. Rather than reduce gain and compromise audibility, Feedback Shield technology reduces feedback with various levels of frequency shifting and phase inversion.

Finally, YouMatic, a new feature enabled by Inium, helps professionals to factor more personal dimensions into Alta’s technical reactions and responses. Hearing care professionals are able to map and customize five personal profiles to reflect each patient’s individual preferences and enjoyment of sound.

Alta is available in a variety of styles, including a new generation of RITE receivers, domes, and molds called MiniFit, designed to provide a more personalized fit with improved flexibility, comfort, and listening performance.

More information is available at oticonusa.com.

SOURCE: Oticon