Largo, Fla – MedRx has announced new ergonomic and functional upgrades to its AVANT REM Speech Real Ear and Live Speech Mapping system probe microphone system.

The new design includes the ability to conduct simultaneous or individual FFT dual probe measurements and if desired, be able to speech map both ears at the same time.  In addition MedRx has introduced its new Sure-Probe probe tube assembly which allows the tester to place the probe tube into the ear canal and ensure that it stays in place while inserting the hearing instrument.

The new MedRx probe microphone system also offers an adjustable loop design which provides simple adjustability to fit any ear size.   A unique feature of the enhanced design is the blue (L) and red (R) lighted ear probes, providing immediate visual cue as to which ear is the test ear on the patient. MedRx has also added the new DSL and NAL-NL1 targets for speech mapping.  The new probe microphone system will work with previous AVANT REM Speech designs, except for the lighting of the probes. 

Source: MedRx

MedRx is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of advanced medical and diagnostic instrumentation for the hearing health care industry.