I don’t have a lot of digital material. But is there a way I can personalize HHN or insert some of my own practice’s messages into it?

We really don’t need much at all! The best part about directing your own waiting room show is that you don’t really have to do any of the work. Our team at HHN just needs you to direct! In other words, we’re looking for your input to create the perfect patient journey through your practice.  

Perhaps you’re looking to get more out of your website development investment? When you subscribe to HHN, our Graphic Design team will work with you to incorporate your website content and develop the custom pieces that make your personal version of HHN come to life for your patients. Your staff biographies, your patient testimonials and your practice mission statement are brought to life by our team and displayed in high definition on the TV in your waiting room.

It’s important to add that, given our experience, we understand how busy you are–which is why we take care of updating a large portion of the educational playlist on a regular basis to ensure there is no stagnation in the content and that your patients, no matter how often they frequent your practice, see new relevant material.

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