Editor’s Note: This tutorial, written by Unitron Hearing, was inadvertently left out of last month’s “How To” section. HR apologizes for the error.

A broken battery door hinge pin can be a costly repair, especially if the hearing instrument is out of warranty. In these cases, the faceplate has to be replaced, along with any trimmers, volume control, program sockets, and switches. However, in most cases, the hinge pin can be replaced with ordinary office supplies and is faster and more cost effective than sending the instrument out for repair—keeping everyone happy!

Materials needed are: 1) A substitute for the hinge pin (if it’s lost), which can be a standard staple (from your office stapler) or, if a larger hinge pin is needed, a Dritz flower-top quilting pin (50mm); 2) Round toothpicks; 3) Krazy glue; 4) Desired color acrylic powder; 5) Adhesive accelerator (optional).

Re-use the hinge pin if possible. If the hinge pin is lost, use a standard staple or the Dritz Quilting Pin mentioned above. Cut the staple or quilting pin to the proper length with wire cutters.

Step 1

Step 1. Clean damaged area of any remaining debris.

Step 1

Step 2. Using stout tweezers, place hinge pin, shortened staple, or shortened quilting pin into the damaged area. Push each corner of the pin in firmly.

Step 1

Step 3. Apply a small amount of Krazy glue with a toothpick at each end of pin.

Step 1

Step 4. Place the end of the toothpick into Krazy glue, then the desired color acrylic powder, and then Krazy glue again, creating a small ball of material.

Step 5. Apply the ball of material to each end of the pin or staple.

Step 1

Step 6. Allow to dry naturally until hard to touch (usually 30 minutes) or use an adhesive accelerator to cure immediately.

Step 7. Scrape off any excess glue from pin or staple with scalpel until battery door snaps into place.

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